Hi, I'm Courtney!

I'm a mother of five, with kids ranging from toddler to teenager. I'm also a creative businesswoman, blogger, and author, and have had the pleasure of working in the parenting lifestyle arena for the past 14 years. I create e-courses and eBooks for parents, and really enjoy the community aspect of my work. I love connecting with parents all over the world, and enjoy learning alongside you through these community courses.

Testimonials from Subscribers

More helpful than I even hoped...

Marin (June 2019)

I’m so happy I decided to do this course. It’s been more inspiring and helpful than I even hoped! I have come away with new ideas, tips, and inspiration in every category. Not only have I learned a lot from Courtney, but the whole community! It’s been like a little club and everyone has such great insights, recommendations, and ideas. My only complaint is that it’s over!

It made all the difference!

Thanks to this class, I felt powerful throughout my entire birth experience, knew my options, and felt comfortable changing gears when needed. Thank you for helping us lead an informed pregnancy and birth experience... it made all the difference!

A wonderful learning and sharing experience

Juana (June 2019)

The course was a wonderful learning and sharing experience that provided countless useful tips and ideas that can be applied to our everyday lives, meanwhile helping me to feel part of a global community of like-minded woman. Highly recommended!

A community of like-minded mamas...

Margaret (October 2019)

I loved being a part of a community of like minded mamas. I haven't really done something like this before, and it was nice to share and hear other experiences. I really enjoyed all the information put out and am excited to continue to communicate with this amazing group!

Forever thankful I took the courage to sign up...

Raea (October 2019)

I’m not sure how I found myself on Courtney’s website with only 2 days left to register for this course. I didn’t know of her, but everything she was offering on this amazing course was exactly what I had been asking the universe to give me. Each week was both eye-opening and comforting. There is so much we don’t give ourselves credit for and Courtney, along with the amazing community on the loop Instagram, were there to mentor and support. I am forever thankful I took the courage to follow my intuition and sign up. The content I have is with me for life and I have a beautiful community of gorgeous people to get advice from whenever needed.

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