• Who are the courses for?

    The NURTURE course is for parents and carers, parents-to-be, and anyone with a passion for deepening your awareness and passion for family lifestyle. The BLOSSOM course (coming soon!) has been designed for women who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, or for those who have recently had a baby.

  • Do time zone differences matter?

    The NURTURE course is now offered as content-only, with no live or new elements, so time differences and locations don't matter at all.

  • Is there any homework?

    No, but you will have access to a range of resources for you to explore in your own time, including helpful exercises, relevant podcasts and book recommendations. You can also test out recipes, try out suggested de-cluttering ideas, and carve out more 'me' time in your daily schedule.

  • How much of a time investment is needed to watch and read materials each week?

    The NURTURE course is now offered with all content delivered at once. I would say it will take around 1-2 hours to read and watch the content available for each of the five topics.

  • Since we all have busy schedules, is the course designed to go at our own pace?

    Yes! The course materials and videos are yours to keep and reference whenever you like. There is no set timeframe.

  • Will you run the course again?

    The NURTURE course is now being offered as a content-only course with no live engagement aspect. The BLOSSOM course (coming soon!) has been designed to be a one-off course, but I may choose to run it live a 2nd time, depending on demand.